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Issue Bill # Description TSS Position Rep Voted
accountability SB 1196 HB 309 Smith / SB 1196 Tracy incrementally phases TNReady growth and achievement data into teacher evaluations and students’ final grades over the next three years. It provides an option for teachers to apply the most recent year’s growth score as the full growth component to the evaluation if it is beneficial to the overall evaluation score. Tennesseans for Students Success supported this bill. (Floor Vote)
standards SB 248 HB 22 H. Brooks / SB 248 Tracy requires districts to offer all high school students at least four EPSOs during high school. The expanded use of EPSOs is a key factor in Tennessee’s Drive to 55, a statewide initiative to ensure 55 percent of Tennesseans hold a college degree or certificate by the year 2025. Tennesseans for Student Success supported this bill. (Floor Vote)
accountability SB 1198 HB 308 Byrd / SB 1198 Tracy revises various accountability measures included in the Tennessee ESSA Plan, requiring clearer performance goals for schools and local school districts, authorizing student achievement and academic growth to factor into the criteria for addressing low- performing schools, and clarifying the process of turning around low-performing schools. Tennesseans for Student Success supported this bill. (Floor Vote)
accountability SB 483 HB 511 Sargent / SB 483 Norris - The $37.1 billion budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 included another substantial investment in public education. The $180 million increase in 2017 included funding for teacher salaries, $10 million for district-led school improvement plans, and $22 million for the state’s growing English Language Learner population. Tennesseans for Student Success supported this bill. (Floor Vote)
Issue Bill # Description TSS Position
Issue Bill # Description TSS Position
accountability SB 14 SB 14/HB 174 (Green/Reedy) - Tennesseans for Student Success was opposed to this bill in its original form as it would have prohibited the use of student achievement data in annual teacher evaluations and banned school districts from making key personnel decisions based on a teacher’s effectiveness. An amendment to this bill removed the language that threatened to undermine Tennessee’s teacher evaluation system, which more than 70% of the state’s teachers believe helps to improve their instruction. As a result of Amendment number 007285, Tennesseans for Student Success moved to a neutral position on this bill.

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